Author Topic: Help\advice about a AEG  (Read 111 times)


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Help\advice about a AEG
« on: October 04, 2018, 06:36:01 pm »
So, I bought a used aeg with the intention of making it a dmr, Bad Luck as I saw there is no modified dmr on the field except the ones that were born dmr's :)
No problem, I will make it a good aeg that is locked on semi and I don't know how to remove that lock.
It's my first aeg and I have no idea what to do as in parts.
I attached a picture with the gearbox, everything looks ok with no wear on the gears, piston.
The gun has a Nuprol precision 6.03 barrel, airsoft pro m4 hop-up unit.
Piston looks like the low friction one, can't find a logo on it.
Want to order asg spring guide, asg ultimate cylinder head v2, a m90 spring because I have no idea what spring was fitted in the gun and I would like to change the cylinder as well.
The last one is the part that I have doubts about, in the picture you can see that my cylinder has a hole close to the center of the cylinder, the one that I want to buy has no holes in it.
Will that affect the fps as the air chamber is bigger?
Also, why does this nozzle have that strange shape?
Any other advice as what motor "mine is red :)", battery, gears to use/change would be appreciated.
thank you
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Re: Help\advice about a AEG
« Reply #1 on: October 09, 2018, 12:13:37 pm »
Yes you can build your rifle into a DMR but it must have a FCU type mosfet fitted to limit it to semi only . something like a gate titan or spectre

No such thing as locked to semi auto , All aeg gearboxes are full auto with a mechanical cut off lever that disconnects the trigger trolley to make the gun shoot semi auto , you only prevent an aeg shooting full auto when you preventing the fire selector from selecting full auto  and this is not locking it to semi auto as the aeg is still full auto capable .
 If the cut off lever or trigger trolley fail the aeg will shoot full auto with out warning this is why an fcu style mosfet must be installed to prevent this from happening .

If you want a really good trigger response then I would suggest fitting a gate titan , zci 16.1 gearset and a zci high torque motor .

Air nozzle is fine most are shaped like that .

Cylinders have holes in them to match the air volume for the lenth of barrel fitted to an aeg , an o type cylinder is normal for aeg's with a barrel length shorter than 380mm a solid cylinder with no hole is for barrel length's greater than 380mm


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Re: Help\advice about a AEG
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2018, 12:51:12 pm »
Thanks for the reply
Like i've said, had no clue about the aeg internals, now because of you I know a little bit more.
My gearbox is probably mechanical locked.Still I have no idea how, yet.
I'll get a titan in the near future.
Thanks for the info